Last Update: January 2010

The most stirring success stories are often those borne from seemingly impossible circumstances.  Looking over the history of the Guadalupe Restoration Project and at the solid momentum moving ahead, the conditions are right for a positive ending.  It’s a story of a company’s commitment to safely cleaning up and protecting some of the Central Coast’s most remarkable and precious resources.

Proven environmental remediation techniques coupled with the hard work and determination of cross-functional teams continue to drive the Guadalupe Restoration Project ahead.  Teams of engineers, biologists and other environmental specialists are dedicated to the complex and vital work of carefully removing residues from past oilfield operations, restoring and preserving native ecosystems, providing habitat for plants and wildlife, and protecting threatened and endangered species and cultural resources.

This website is dedicated to documenting the historical, environmental and scientific aspects of the operations of the Guadalupe Restoration Project.  It is meant to provide readers with a look inside the terrain as we continue our important work, all the while maintaining our focus on safe operations, protecting the environment and keeping our commitments.  That’s how we do business as part of the Chevron Way.

“Our company’s foundation is built on our values,
which distinguish us and guide our actions.”
- The Chevron Way

“The Dunes are about restoration of the soul.” - Kathleen Goddard-Jones