Project Reports

The Guadalupe Restoration Project generates a number of reports, which are available for public review at Unocal’s Guadalupe Field office and through links within this website to pdf files.

Monthly Onsite Environmental Coordinator Report

All activities at the site are monitored by the Onsite Environmental Coordinator, who publishes periodic reports.

To request older reports, please contact the Guadalupe Field Office.

01-21-16 02-03-16 02-18-16 03-09-16
04-14-16 05-12-16 07-21-16 08-23-16 09-21-16    
10-12-16 11-16-16 12-08-16 02-22-17 04-05-17
05-16-17 06-20-17 07-24-17 08-23-17 09-20-17
10-20-17 11-16-17 12-21-17 02-14-18 03-09-18
04-11-18 05-31-18 07-05-18 08-02-18 09-06-18

Current annual reports from Cal Poly's Environmental Biotechnology Institute (EBI):

Bacteria in Phytoremediation (C8 and O13 Sites)
Methane Profile
Natural Attenuation
Effect of Steam Treatment
2005 Monitoring of Revegetation (C8 Site)

Quarterly Ecological Monitoring Report (QEMR)

All ecological monitoring activities from establishing pre-construction baseline conditions, construction disturbance activities, and post-construction restoration are summarized in the QEMR. Every project-related disturbance is shown on an aerial photo and tracked with a reference number. The QEMR also summarizes site-wide ecological monitoring of sensitive wildlife species (i.e., California red-legged frog, and Western snowy plover), weed eradication activities and the status of restoration activities. QEMRs documenting ecological monitoring from January 2000 are available on CD, and include a copy of the Habitat Inventory and Ecological Database (HIED). The HIED, which is updated annually, includes a list of all plant and animal species known to exist at the Guadalupe Restoration Project and the habitats where they occur. The HIED also includes maps from the geographical information system (GIS) database showing the habitat types, the occurrence of sensitive plants and animals and relative coverage of invasive exotics (i.e., weeds).

The QEMR is available on CD; copies may be obtained by contacting the Guadalupe Field Office.